There’s Wisdom in Patience & Working SLOW

I guess I stirred up some concern when I wrote in my last blog post, “…quitting isn’t about giving up on ourselves. It’s about trusting ourselves enough to invest in something more – by changing paths to choose authenticity.” To … Continue reading

Introvert Wish: Help My Partner Understand My Need for Solitude

“As an introvert myself, I love to be alone but I’m sometimes misunderstood.” That’s what a Wise Introvert newsletter subscriber wrote to me, expressing her desire to take a solo trip in the near future. She described how she’s a … Continue reading

Introvert Wish: Loving Myself First and Always

It is such a gift when a new Wise Introvert email subscriber takes the risk to fill in the box in the opt-in form that says, “I wish I could…[blank]”. I don’t take it lightly, and I left the box … Continue reading