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Introverted women: Don't change who you are. Be more confidently YOU! Wise Introvert coaching and consultingWhat next step do you want help with? 

Wise Introvert offers you…

Online courses and private & personalized one-to-one coaching/consulting to support you in embracing your introversion, building confidence, and taking steps toward what you desire MORE of…

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of solo travel for breathing space or to take a dream adventure but you keep holding yourself back.

Maybe you feel stuck in a work situation that drains you.You want change, but you’re not quite sure what that could look like.

Maybe you’re an introverted solopreneur or freelancer who has had the business coaching and knows what you “should” do, but you want more support in adapting the “how” to fit your personality so you can feel more authentic and successful.

What have you been wanting to CREATE or EXPERIENCE or FEEL MORE CONFIDENT DOING…but still hesitate or struggle with? How would it feel to risk trying?

When you push yourself to do things in ways that don’t feel ALIGNED with your introverted preferences (or you withdraw instead of grow) – you feel drained. You begin to question and doubt yourself. You begin to lose confidence.

Instead, what if you tapped into the power of your introverted strengths? How would it feel to value and trust your introversion more? To feel more confident in who you are and what you can achieve?

To Be Brave. Be Seen. Be True…Be YOU.

We’ll take a look at your natural strengths and preferences, what’s getting in your way, apply some alternative thinking, connect some dots, and see new possibilities so that you can stay in motion toward your ideal work & life style.

Because, as much as society places a high value on extroversion, we still have the power to live happy and successful lives filled with meaning and purpose.

Choose to Be Brave, Be Seen, Be True. Imagine what that could look and feel like for YOU. 

Define & choose your own authentic version of success and happiness. Let’s get started…you currently have 2 options for working with Wise Introvert: online courses & individual coaching/consulting (prices are in USD):

coaching and consulting for introverted women, private and customizedonline courses and self coaching tools for introverted women

Working with Wise Introvert is always done from the inside – out.

As your Wise Introvert Coach & Mentor, I’m dedicated to your individual success (as defined by YOU) – working with a limited number of women so you never feel like a number.

  • I’ll be your wisdom guide (asking questions that tap into your own intuition), believe in possibilities for you, see connections between seemingly unrelated factors, share ideas, reinforce your vision, call you out on your limiting beliefs & excuses, stay grounded by logic, and help you build confidence and create positive change from the inside out.

I don’t claim to have the answers for you. I offer no cookie cutter approaches. One size does not fit all.

So the work is flexible to meet your needs and I offer my intuition, perceptive listening, creativity, strategic thinking, and resources to help you find your own right answers.

I trust that you have wisdom – an inner truth – that will guide you.

I’ll have your best interests at heart and will nudge you to know and trust yourself, expect you to stay open and take responsibility for your life’s happiness, and hold you accountable to moving forward (I don’t have much patience for excuses and staying stuck in the past).

Find out more about Marla:

Claim your spot for personalized one-to-one coaching exclusive to introverted women today.

NO groups. Just me and you – so you can let down your guard, allow yourself to be vulnerable and honest in declaring what you want, and take steps toward your happier fit.

Now is the best time. You have probably spent enough time thinking. Now it’s time to take some action.

Reach out now. What’s one specific short-term goal you want to focus on now? Sometimes a small shift in momentum is all it takes to get you moving forward with confidence again. Let’s be brave together and get started.

Please note that Wise Introvert services do not include a focus on: depression, isolation, anxiety disorders or any crisis issue (please seek the help you need from a qualified medical/mental health professional), relationships and dating, or parenting.