Wise Introvert Coaching TestimonialsWant to know what other women have to say about working with Marla? Here are some testimonials.

I feel honoured when women invite and allow me into their lives – to help them transform – to create magic.

I take their trust in me (and in my ability to be a catalyst for them finding their own right answers) very seriously.

So it is with deep gratitude and pride that I received (and now share) this sampling of heartfelt testimonials.

“Marla’s vast knowledge, ability to turn lights on for those of us in the dark, sense of humour, and professionalism, made this what it was meant to be.”        ~ L. Cassidy

Wise Introvert client testimonial


“I can say without hesitation that our instructor, Marla, is a very insightful individual whose greatest asset is her ability to help elicit and clarify the thoughts, feelings and preferences of her students. She is both goal and process oriented and clearly cognizant of the phases of group development that she facilitates with expertise and sensitivity.” ~ G. Robey

Testimonial - Work with Marla | Wise Introvert

“Marla helped boost the confidence of the group and helped us to believe in our dreams. She is open and supportive. She is good at getting at the root of people’s passion. She runs a marathon for the group every day. We were really lucky to have Marla.” ~ Focus Group comments for Career Decision Making program


“Rarely in our lifetime do we have an opportunity to affect and influence a young person’s life and future. I feel that this is what you have done for my daughter [“J”]. I wish to thank you for your contribution to helping [“J”] find herself and teaching her the skills to pursue her dreams. I feel you are the person ‘who has made the difference’ for [“J”].” ~ J. Fagan


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