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Build your new online solo business in an introvert-friendly way with these 5 touchpoints to respect the introvert IN your business.

Be your own business BESTY.

As you build your business, you will have no shortage of outside pressures, ideas, strategies, and how-to’s. While it’s important to remain open to learning and experimenting, as an introvert, ultimately you will be best served if you come back to your own inner compass before you expand out again.

It’s an ebb and flow. Inside then outside. Prepare then expand.

These 5 touchpoints will help you build your business in a way that respects your introversion and builds on your natural strengths. When you’re feeling stuck or like something is a bit “off”, come back to your BESTY tool to help you find your footing again so you can clarify next steps. 

YOU get to choose what success looks like to you. YOU get to choose how you “put yourself out there”. And you don’t have to change who YOU are to do it.

Be Brave. Be Seen. Be True. Be YOU…and

don’t forget your energy!

Download the Be your own business BESTY touchpoint tool and get access to videos describing each touchpoint in more detail so you can get grounded and then expand out with authenticity and courage to find your next ideal client.

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