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consultingYour marketing content MATTERS!

Especially when you are just starting out and getting established, there is A LOT of writing involved.  And that can be causing you A LOT of stress right now.

Maybe you’re confident in your writing, but not so much when it comes to marketing your business.

Maybe you’ve taken courses that teach you the WHAT, but you’re not sure how to actually implement the HOW (or didn’t get enough specific feedback to feel confident about what you’ve drafted).

Or, maybe you’re not so confident in your writing in general, but you’re not ready to hire a copywriter to do it all for you yet.

You KNOW that this is a problem.

All your hesitations when it comes to writing for your business are holding you back from getting out in front of your ideal potential clients.

OR, you’re doing the writing, hitting publish, and not getting results.

And that means you are having trouble getting enough CLIENTS in the door…and therefore making enough MONEY to keep your business going.

You can ease the struggle…

Imagine how it would feel to let some of that pressure go…

Having a trusted person on your side to give an unbiased opinion, offer advice with a more strategic marketing perspective, suggest specific edits, and, in some cases, do some of the writing for you, can make your life just a little bit easier.


  • An extra boost of courage so you actually press SEND or PUBLISH and be more visible
  • Written communication that is better suited to attract clients so you get results (versus silence)
  • A sense of relief that you don’t have to do this all alone (freeing energy for you to do the work that you actually look forward to)

Here’s how Wise Introvert Consulting services can help decrease the stress you feel when it comes to your written business communications (so you can feel better and use that energy to do what you PREFER):  


Either on a project by project basis, or a monthly retainer with ongoing support as you work through multiple writing tasks, I will help you with your written business communication in any of the following ways:

  • niche clarity and client language (including ideas for market research)
  • content review and editing of draft content you’ve written
  • marketing tips and feedback for being more clear and direct, but NOT in a slimy or pushy way
  • writing new content (or adding to/fine-tuning what you’ve already started/published)
  • recommended resources to help you with DIY & bootstrapping the tech side of things (I’m not a tech person but can help you to understand the flow of how things will interconnect and flow)


Types of business communication that you may want some help with: 

  • lead magnet/opt-in freebie
  • web pages (Home, About, Services, etc.)
  • newsletter
  • webinar intro content
  • social media posts
  • blog posts
  • headlines and package names

Basically, if you know that you have to write some content for your business but you’re feeling hesitant because you’re not sure how to do it (or want an added boost of confidence that it reflects the quality that you want to present in your business), I’m here to support and guide you.

Soon, you’ll get the feel for it and build your confidence so you can more easily do it yourself with less stress. 

Ready to ease the overwhelm and gain a trusted resource to improve your business communications so you start to see better results from your written content? 

Wise Introvert Consulting fees vary by project, starting at $100 USD. These services are email based and do NOT include calls.

(for communications support that includes an opportunity to talk through your content challenges, including mindset issues that are getting in your way of taking action, please refer to Wise Introvert Coaching services)

Start TODAY by emailing a description of your
current communications project/challenge for a quote

to Marla at info @ wiseintrovert dot com (or through the form on the Contact page)

NOTE: If you’re starting out (or choosing a new niche) and need basic, professional, clear content that will get you started until you gain more experience and further hone in on your niche language, my combination of freelance writing and business experience could be the “what I need right now” solution for you. That said, I’m not a formal sales copywriter (reflected by my fees).