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Refine your website copy so it actually helps you SELL (even if you have no idea what’s off-target)


Your website is not going to make or break your online service business. 

But, it’s one of the tools you have to make your online service-based business more introvert-friendly. 

The more clear and strategic AND genuine you can be in your writing, the less you will have to “work” at describing and explaining and selling in person or on a call.

That’s because people will quickly know WHO you help, WHAT problem you help them solve, and HOW you can make their life a little better.

That makes referrals simpler…and it makes it easier for your ideal customer to say YES to your offers.

Your bank account will thank you!


So the question is, has your business messaging been getting you the results you want?

For many introvert-preneurs, the idea of networking, talking on the phone, or doing live videos to promote your business takes some warming up to. In fact, most of the introverted women I work with are naturally inclined to writing as a primary method of communication.

That means the content on your website, lead magnets, blog and social media posts is CRITICAL in contributing to your business success (and therefore making your life easier!).

If writing is your comfort zone, why not start by making sure it speaks to your ideal clients?

Here’s the challenge. It’s not so easy to clearly communicate your message when you are SO close to the work you do.

What is it that you’re actually selling?
To who, exactly?
Is this clear to anyone but YOU?

Plus, you want to be genuine, not fake, flashy, and sleazy.

Some introverted women will respond to their uncertainty and fear about “being too pushy” or “bragging” or “promising results I’m not sure I can deliver” by either posting wishy-washy content that is too generic and therefore doesn’t really connect with their ideal customer, OR they hold back from putting themselves out there at all.

Ideally, you know what you do in terms of results for your clients.

The challenge is to describe it in a way that makes sense to the people who will REFER you or BUY from you AND in a way that you can stand behind with CONFIDENCE.

Ultimately, you may be a solid writer BUT the strategy part of marketing is something you’re still getting used to.

OR, you know what your intention was when you chose specific wording…but you’re uncertain if it will be received and perceived the same way.

OR, maybe you feel that writing is not in your zone of genius…but you’re doing your best and willing to keep working at it bit by bit until you can afford to hire it out.

In this learning stage of your business communications, it’s natural to have blind spots. We all do. 

And that’s where a

Messaging Review for Clear Content that Resonates

by Wise Introvert

 can help.

Imagine what it would feel like if you could write your own website content and then have someone you trust review it and give you specific suggestions for how you can improve it for marketing purposes?

Or to reassure you that someone who has NO idea what you do can take a look at your website and easily understand whether you can help them? 

That’s what I’ll do. 

  • I’ll work diligently behind the scenes to take an objective look at your website’s Home, About, and Sales pages with a strategic and analytical eye.
  • I’ll be looking for niche clarity, compelling sales copy that mentions specific results/benefits, clear calls to action that feel aligned, and a consistent voice. 
  • From an objective perspective, I’ll be looking for clarity about your WHO…because everything you do in your business builds on that clarity. 
  • Ideas for improvement will show up like red flags for me.
  • I’ll provide my feedback AND customized suggestions in a detailed summary report for you so that you can make powerful changes to your website copy that will help you to market and sell your services.
  • It will be jam packed with actionable value for you.
  • Then, you’ll take that summary report, and treat it like an action plan that you will work on in your own time.

It will save you time and energy in the long run.

If you’ve been proudly bootstrapping in your new business yet feel a sense of relief imagining that you could have a bit of backup for a second look before (or after) you press publish…this offer is for you!

(Offered and priced as described, this is a fully DIY option…but if you know that you need accountability or further support to implement the recommended changes, 1:1 support is available as an add-on…just ask!)

If you’re having a hard time signing clients and wondering whether your message is clear, going back to the basics of your niche clarity and written communication can give you the boost you need to get unstuck and see some progress. 

*I want you to start making money in your online business…and this is a cost-effective, efficient, and simple way that I know I can help you.*

It’s an introvert-friendly AND budget-friendly option!

Ready to get a quick (and objective) dose of strategic niche clarity for your business messaging so THIS is what you hear from your next ideal client (instead of silence)?

“When I read about your coaching, it was like you were in my head.”

“As I read, I just kept nodding. Yes, this is me.”

“It’s exactly what I need. Thank you!”

“I’m in!”

You want your written communication to

resonate & attract clients.

It’s pretty clear. Your written communication can make your job of attracting your ideal clients a little bit easier! Tweak your website copy NOW and welcome more clients this year! Your WHO is waiting for you…

$179 USD