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A small group program

for introverted women building new businesses

Let’s get VISIBLE

Build your new business with a solution that offers the best of both worlds:

1:1 plus group



Aren’t you tired of feeling stuck in your business because of thoughts like this?

  • “I don’t know how to talk about my business so that people even know that it exists.”
  • “I need to figure out how to get my message out there so I can grow my practice and sustain a full working week.”
  • “Doing videos, going live on Instagram or Facebook. I’m not that person who likes to take up space. I would rather listen to other people than to talk about myself.”
  • “Marketing is a struggle for me as an introvert – the whole ‘attention seeking’ element of it.”
  • “Selling myself! There are many others offering the same service as me, so it can feel competitive and I don’t like/want to have to compete. I am also private and not much into social media, so this is a challenging marketing platform for me.”
  • “I am afraid to put myself out there because I worry about what people will think.”
  • “I struggle to even get started!! I really relate to the ‘not good enough’ thing.”

There’s something you need to know, my fellow introvert!

You’re NOT alone.

When you are starting out and learning just how to do this whole business thing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and for all that nasty mind shit to come up to sabotage you.

You do your best. You spend time putting yourself out there in ways that you feel are doable right now. But you’re not attracting clients. And it feels exhausting.


There’s nothing wrong with you.


This has to change if you want to get paid.


It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and tap into some CLARITY, COURAGE, and STRATEGY.

Wise Introvert’s small group program might be just what you need to support you in taking your next courageous steps toward more visibility in your business so your ideal clients can find you (and you can start making $).

Wise Introvert Small Group Program elements:

Foundational to Wise Introvert coaching and consulting is an emphasis on being your own business BESTY to build your introvert-friendly business. This is based on 5 touchpoints; Be Brave, Be Seen, Be True, Be YOU…and don’t forget your energy!

For this particular 6 week program, we will build on those touchpoints to take courageous and strategic actions that increase VISIBILITY for your business.  

Four important elements will combine to offer you a supportive environment to move forward with your individual business goals:


  • At the beginning of the program, each person will have a private 1:1 call (Skype or Zoom) so that we can get clear about what has worked, what has not, and what it makes the most sense to focus your courage building action on as you work through the next six weeks. It provides a customized approach to a group program so that you can increase your business visibility in a way that makes sense for YOU. 


  • The program will take place within a small supportive group structure (4-8 introverted women). A closed Facebook Group for group members ONLY will serve as our hub for all activity. Once a week we will gather as a whole group for a mastermind type group call. This will include an opportunity for each person to have time in the “hot seat” to focus on your specific business progress.


  • When you are used to working alone, the opportunity to have a number of fellow introverted women solopreneurs who “get” you and are there to support you in your accountability (without judgment) is a KEY element for success. Because the group is small, you will quickly form a team of supporters that will help to keep you on track and moving forward in your business.

Community & Connection:

  • There is great value in a small group setting like this where you can learn from each other and foster genuine and deep connections. Yes, we love our independence and working alone. But sometimes we need a boost of positive and creative energy with kindred spirits. Ideally, these connections that you make over the six weeks will continue beyond the program.


What could YOU achieve in your business with this type of combined 1:1 and group support for the next six weeks?

If you have a feeling that it would be a LOT more than what you would achieve on your own, then maybe it’s time to say YES to more; more clarity,  more strategy, more courage, more action, more confidence, more connection, more growth.

Let us help you use your energy more strategically as you step one foot out of your comfort zone with courage to market and grow your business.

Join us in this supportive small group introvert-friendly environment to focus your next six weeks on being SEEN and improving your business VISIBILITY.

$450 USD

Will you join us and invest some focused energy in your business visibility in 2019?

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