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to TAKING CLEAR and FOCUSED ACTION after one session

(even if you’ve been spinning your wheels with ZERO clients in sight)

Invest your introvert energy wisely with a dose of business CLARITY and STRATEGY…

Business clarity is necessary because building an introvert-friendly online business is probably not the easiest thing you’ve ever done in your life! But you’re doing your best and plugging along on your own as much as possible.

You’re an independent soul and make frugal choices with your money (since a steady flow of clients is not happening quite yet). 

You know that, one day, more prospective clients will start saying YES and momentum will build from there.

But right now, you feel a heaviness looming over you:

  • You feel overwhelmed because you have too many ideas and you’re not sure which item to check off your to-do list next.
  • Visibility is a challenge because fear, uncertainty, and negative self-talk are getting in your way.
  • You are starting to feel exhausted because you’re not seeing results for your efforts.
  • You can’t seem to find your wish-list clients and wonder if they are actually out there at all.
  • You are feeling a bit too alone in building your business and know it’s time for a bit of support.

What you really want is to figure out how to fix this NOW so you can move one step closer to getting clients in the door. 

You need a dose of business CLARITY and STRATEGY…in a way that values and respects your introversion.

Wise Introvert Business Clarity:

one-on-one laser coaching/consulting session plus check-in

In this one, 60 minute, highly-focused business clarity and strategy session designed for introverted women who are budding solopreneurs, we’re going to hone in and get right to the point in addressing your current business challenge so you can get back on track and then stay in motion.

It’s a collaboration where I will be part coach (I will ask you what you think/feel), consultant (I will tell you what I think/perceive), and cheerleader (a low key kind), and you will be open to growth, trusting yourself, and taking action. We’re going to keep it real.

With direct yet supportive insights and feedback, I’m going to help you organize your thoughts, connect some dots, and clearly identify your NEXT BEST STEPS.

You’ll find CLARITY about your business, MAKE decisions, and CREATE a plan of action that reflects what’s good for your business and what’s good for YOU(taking your introversion into account).

Then, with CLEAR vision and FOCUS, you will go off on your own to implement what we discussed.

About two weeks later, I will check in on you by email to answer one follow-up question relating to what we discussed in our session.

It’s the best of both worlds.

You can do your own things…AND…you don’t have to do them alone. I’m here to support you where you are in your business so you can get one step closer to where you want to be.

These are the types of topics we can focus on in your business clarity laser session:

  • Getting clear about what you do, who you do it for, what you are actually selling, and the value you offer
  • Fine-tuning your niche: market research and finding your niche language
  • Ideas for how to find and connect with your niche in ways that build on your natural strengths
  • A boost of courage & strategy for getting out in front of people & having personal conversations that don’t feel slimy and manipulative
  • Troubleshooting and putting a process in place for special offers like mini-sessions and beta tests
  • How to talk/write about your business & message in clear language
  • Putting a muzzle on your inner critic just long enough to take that next step you’ve been afraid to take
  • Doing any of the above while honouring your natural preferences, energy levels, and safety needs (the introvert-friendly HOW of what you do)


Here’s what’s included:

  • Pre-coaching questions so we can focus on the main issues right away during our conversation.
  • One 60-minute coaching/consulting session (via Zoom or Skype) with someone who understands what you’re going through, to hone in on a key area of your new solo business where you are feeling stuck right now.
  • Clear and strategic next steps identified so you know what to prioritize on your to-do list.
  • An after-session email summary of the call highlights including next steps and any resources I might have mentioned so you can relax and focus during the call.
  • An email check-in approximately 2 weeks following our coaching call (we will discuss the most beneficial timing for you based on your work style) with an opportunity to ask one follow up question to gain further clarity on the steps you have been implementing. This is also an opportunity for a bit of a nudge, accountability, and pick me up to help you stay in motion.

$249 USD



Get a quick burst of clarity and introvert-friendly support so you can re-focus and take your next strategic steps toward earning that first (or next) client!