Coaching | Consulting with Marla HB

~ Helping introverted women to start making money in their online service-based business

with marketing that doesn’t feel icky or exhausting ~

CLARITY helps with COURAGE (and energy) to keep the ball rolling in your online business.

Your introvert brain is working overtime, spinning with ideas and sometimes critical thoughts. All that takes energy…something that you have to be consciously aware of maintaining.

When you can sort out what’s in your head, simplify, and get focused on the next best strategic step to take, you can have more energy and courage to put yourself out there so your ideal clients can find you and say YES to your offers.  

Invest your precious introvert energy wisely with a dose of business CLARITY…turn your online business into a source of energy and pride, not drain and anguish.

I’d be honoured to support you in building your startup online service-based business so you can attract your ideal clients and start making money!

Here’s HOW we can work together:


A laser-focused private Zoom session (plus follow up for accountability) that combines strategy and mindset to help you bring in the CLIENTS so you can move one step closer to quitting your day job (even if you’ve been spinning your wheels with ZERO clients in sight)



Tweak your website copy so it actually works for you (even if you have no idea what’s off-target).

Session includes a detailed report so you can DIY your simple fixes with guidance on your own schedule (no time differences or appointments to worry about showing up for!).

Let’s turn more of your lurkers into clients!



Get customized consulting support to improve your written marketing content & strategy so you can welcome MORE paying clients.

By project or on retainer.

Done WITH you. Done FOR you. 

Got a project in the works, a deadline, or something else on the go that doesn’t seem to fit the packages offered above?

No problem. I’m happy to provide consulting services to fit your needs if my schedule permits…writing, editing, research, strategy, feedback/ideas/insights, troubleshooting/problem solving, a slimmed down coaching package, you name it (I love to mix things up a bit!)…just send me an email and tell me what support you’re looking for! 

info @ wiseintrovert dot com (or use the contact page)

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