Supporting introverted, highly sensitive, and empath women with online service businesses to thrive

I believe that introverted, highly sensitive, and empath women deserve success on their own terms; to feel strong, capable, and valued, without having to change who they are.

I’m Marla and, based on my own personal experience, I also believe that there is more freedom to “do it your way” when you are your own boss.

That’s why I care about helping my fellow “sensitive” women entrepreneurs to build their solo online service businesses for sustainable success.

I want to see these women find clients and get paid more easily.

Yet, I need to do it in a way that supports my own personal energy first.

Originally, Wise Introvert was my online home for 1:1 coaching.

I also tried being helpful in a free FB group after some free 5 day challenges, but after a year of testing that format, I realized that it was not the right fit for how I most naturally show up (so it became exhausting). Despite my belief in my clients/colleagues and desire to provide support, I eventually ran out of energy and decided to call it quits on that version of my business until I could resurface with energy and excitement again.

But I could NOT bring myself to delete this website. My heart was in it.

Recently, I re-activated the site. While reading some old blog posts, I thought to myself, I should really do something with this. It could still be helpful to someone.

[But, how do I do this without investing all my energy into it (because I have since narrowed my niche and pivoted with a new website and clients to show up for)?]

This is where you come in.

When you start an online service-based business, there’s no shortage of decisions to make, ‘how-to’s’ to learn, and things to juggle. All that change and risk can feel scary and overwhelming. It can also be quite isolating, especially if it’s your natural tendency to withdraw behind the scenes until you think things through, figure things out, feel extremely clear about what you want to say, and have the energy (after all that) to get out there and say it with enough consistency.

Plus, when it comes to marketing, it doesn’t help that so much of the advice you read simply doesn’t feel aligned with your values, energy, and preferences. It makes promoting your business and finding new clients really tough at times. Like me, we often have a lot of experimenting to do to find what works for us (and what doesn’t). Writing blog posts can feel quite natural, it’s just a matter of people seeing them.

Here’s where we can come together in an energy-friendly way to make a difference (or get support).

  • Watch for new guest posts here and support the introverted, HSP, or empath women entrepreneurs who write them
  • Share posts of interest with your own audience
  • Comment with thoughtful insights and questions (moderated to avoid spam)
  • Click on links back to the writer’s website (this will help their own website SEO so more of their posts show up in search results)
  • Invite them to speak to your audience
  • Purchase services from these women to help them get paid (so they can afford to keep going)!

We all need a sense of belonging and contribution. Perhaps this experiment with Wise Introvert can play a small role as an energy-friendly zone in a noisy online world.

Let’s give it a go and see what happens!

Be Brave. Be Seen. Be True. Be YOU…and don’t forget your energy!

Go ahead and start by heading over to the blog.