introverted, highly sensitive, and empath women

with online service businesses

to thrive

Let’s turn your online service business into more than an exhausting hustle so you can have the freedom you need to thrive!

I’m Marla and I believe that introverted and sensitive women deserve success on their own terms; to feel strong, capable, and valued, without having to change who they are.

Based on my personal experience, I also believe that there is more freedom to “do it your way” when you are your own boss.

That’s why I love to help my fellow introverted, highly sensitive, and empath women to build their solo online service business. Together, we uncover the CLARITY, STRATEGY & INNER TRUST they need to find their own right way forward. 

When you start your online service-based business, there’s no shortage of decisions to make, ‘how-to’s’ to learn, and things to do. All that change and risk can feel scary and overwhelming.

Plus, when it comes to marketing for introverts, it doesn’t help that so much of the advice you read simply doesn’t feel aligned with your values, energy, and preferences. 

Procrastination or burnout, anyone??? Nobody wants that!

To grow your new online service business, I’ll help you get clear about your most natural way to focus your energy, prepare, troubleshoot, take courageous action, and stay in motion (without having to be ON constantly).

That includes putting your foundations in place (niche, offer, client flow) and applying more of a marketing mindset to your written content so you can feel more confidence in spreading the word and start to see results. 

Sometimes it helps to have someone on your side who understands what it feels like to be an introverted online service business owner ~ so you can get an energy-friendly nudge when you need it and help you find your own right way forward.

That’s where I come in. I’m part coach, consultant, and cheerleader (a low key kind), and you will be open to growth, trusting yourself, and taking action. We’re going to keep it real and energy-friendly.

Because entrepreneurship is not just for extroverts!

Be Brave. Be Seen. Be True. Be YOU…and don’t forget your energy!

Go ahead and start by reading more on my blog and services.

Build your energy-friendly business from the inside-out!