walking away from what’s not working anymore

Hello fellow introvert (or otherwise sensitive one)

“You live to put money in the bank. I live to be able to have time for myself. That’s my luxury.”

Without Saying Goodbye on Netflix

As an introvert and/or highly sensitive person, it is wise to respect your sensitivities, honour your personal energy, and trust your intuition.

Not only for your business success. But also in your daily life. Because, especially as a sensitive solopreneur, they’re deeply intertwined.

So that often means pulling back into quiet solitude to reflect and tune into what is right for you.

What works best for you.

What feels like an energy-friendly use of your time.

Without judgment.

Even if your answer looks different than what you see around you (especially on social media!).

With that in mind, I hope you find this to be an introvert-friendly, supportive, and useful zone in a noisy online world.

Be Brave. Be Seen. Be True. Be YOU…and don’t forget your energy!

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