Solo Travel & Adventure

Solo travel can be extremely powerful for introverted women who want to use their time alone to replenish their energy, invest in their personal growth, and stay in touch with who they are. Rest, joy, adventure, planning…you choose.

I Love Solo Travel – see what other women love using for their solo travels 

Maintaining Energy Levels Is NO Vacation (Family Time)

Maintaining energy levels can be challenging for an introvert, even when you’re around people you love. Taking holiday time doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re helping to recharge your energy levels. In fact, even spent amongst your most beloved family members, time off can still drain you. If you’re an introvert mom with kids home from …

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Trust Your Intuition

Trust your intuition. It’s advice that I’ve learned to follow. Because even though it hasn’t always been the easy road, I have never regretted following the deep knowing of my inner voice. Sometimes the rewards can be better than anticipated. Shortly after moving to Vancouver Island, I was clicking tv channels and came across a show about people seeing killer whales …

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