There’s Wisdom in Patience & Working SLOW

There's Wisdom in Patience & Working SlowThere’s wisdom in patience…but I guess I stirred up some concern when I wrote in my last blog post,

“…quitting isn’t about giving up on ourselves. It’s about trusting ourselves enough to invest in something more – by changing paths to choose authenticity.”

To clarify, it’s not Wise Introvert that I will be quitting.

But I have started a process of quitting some of the WHAT and HOW of my days (increasingly guided by the question, WHY? and placing priority on my energy). 

Most noticeably, I have quit posting to my blog and social media when I find myself doing it simply because I put it on my schedule, thereby creating a sense of obligation when it’s not necessary.

Instead, I’m posting when I feel that I have something to actually say (or when I’m struck by inspiration or wonder).

It feels more authentic to me and is therefore my way of consciously avoiding more NOISE.

And guess what? When I do post, more people are listening. And, they’re still liking my Facebook page, following me on Twitter, and signing up to invite me into their inbox. Not in droves, mind you, which is perfectly fine with me.

What I’ve learned is that being in constant output mode doesn’t work for me.

That’s because, throughout my creative process, I need to respect my introvert energy needs. It turns out that includes seasonal fluctuations.

Especially as the days are shorter and darker, I find myself more inclined to hibernate and contemplate. Gather ideas. Ponder. Question. Reflect. Let my mind wander.

It’s a time to snuggle in by the fire with a view out to nature, surrounded by books, and with my favourite pen and notebook by my side.

It’s a time when I am more naturally inclined to temporarily quit the external part of my work in order to create space for the internal part. Put more simply, it’s a time when I feel an urge to disconnect from my online life.

As I write this, my current internal work is to decide, “What’s my next project?” (so that I can start mapping out the specific details). I need time and space to listen to my inner voice with patience so that its wisdom can surface and I can hear my authentic answer.

That waiting is a challenge in itself.

There’s a pressure to be ahead, know quickly, decide, and to take action. There’s a sense of already feeling behind in the planning when you look at “others”. Gasp, you don’t have your business strategy and planner filled in yet???

So what’s an introvert to do?

Commit to space for quiet listening. Take the pressure off. Trust your intuition.

Turn down the noise so that you can hear your own voice.

Trust your natural rhythm.

Find your own wisdom in patience.

Appreciate the value of SLOW!

P.S. On my reading list: In Praise of Slow & The Slow Fix, both by Carl Honoré