Are You Draining Your Emotional Energy?

Are you draining your emotional energy? "Nothing destroys emotional energy like a backlog of unmade decisions." Mira Kirshenbaum quoteManaging emotional energy is a critical job for introverts. Most of us understand that interacting with people drains our energy to some extent. But don’t underestimate the drain of unmade decisions.

As introverts, we have a habit of churning ideas around in our minds before we decide what to do with them (if anything). So the more unmade decisions we have, the more we’re processing. That takes emotional energy. And it quickly adds up.

Have you ever had a decision to make that you kept delaying?

Why didn’t you want to decide? Afraid of making a mistake?

The challenge is that you can go back and forth about whether or not to do something, and come up with all kinds of alternatives. But until you actually decide to decide, you’re stuck in limbo. Limbo might be a relatively safe place to be, but it is exhausting you.

How do you want to feel? Exhausted?

Of course not! What about vitality? Peaceful? Inspired?

So here’s your assignment:

  • Each morning, in the space between when you wake up and you get out of bed, reflect on and envision how you would like to feel.
  • Make a conscious choice. Decide on a goal feeling. Name it.
  • Create reminders for yourself (appeal to all your senses) to help you keep your goal feeling in mind.
  • Throughout the day, use that goal feeling to help you make decisions.

Let’s say for example that your goal is vitality. And you know that this is a big goal in terms of how you want your ideal lifestyle to feel.

You’ve been going back and forth about whether to write a resume to apply for a new job. If you’re honest, the job does not feel inspiring or energizing to you in any way (other than it would be great to have a bigger paycheque).

Since your goal is vitality, you decide not to apply. Instead, you trust your intuition and believe that a better fit is around the corner.

With honesty comes clarity.

If vitality is your goal, every decision you make must support it. You can stop the frustration caused by the back and forth and sitting on the fence that you usually get caught up in and, instead, make a quick decision. In any given situation, you can honour yourself and choose vitality.

Today, that might mean:
• Make healthier food choices – eating more gluten-free and alkaline foods
• Move your body
• Breathe
• Make an appointment for a massage
• Get outside in the sun
• Do something creative
• Start planning your next outdoor adventure
• Laugh
• Don’t waste time on things you don’t care about
• Love

Having the focus to make decisions that support your goal – and being clear about what that goal is – is so freeing. A lightness and sense of excitement about your future can take over.

You’ll be surprised at how making a decision can lighten the load and put a stop to a key source of your energy drain.

So go ahead – decide – let go – and move on.

What decisions do you have to make today?