I wish I could…

I wish I could...How long are you going to bury your wishes in exchange for a more ‘responsible’ or ‘practical’ life? NOW is the best time to BE TRUE. Create some quiet space to really reflect on what your unfiltered response to this statement would be.

Fill in the blank: “I wish I could…”

Allow your secret wishes to be declared. They are a starting point. If you allow the doubts and fears and limitations to fall away, your truth will surface.

Then what? When you have a big idea or a long term dream in mind, and can actually imagine living it, you are better able to make decisions, set goals, and take action in the present. Each choice you make will either move you one step closer or one step further away from what you wish for.

Each step is a face-the-fear & have-faith-in-yourself moment, powered by your desire and commitment to turn your wish into reality.

I wish I could live a low-key, barefoot lifestyle in a warm and sunny place by the sea where I go beach combing for treasures every day. Nothing fancy. Time and energy to notice and enjoy life, love, naps, reading, soul-searching, puttering, beauty. I have a portable office that consists mostly of my laptop. My work is both inspired and inspirational. My lifestyle is active and healthy. I share time and space with people who truly see me. I feel a sense of lightness and belonging in my life. I feel free. I travel. I explore. I enjoy simple pleasures. I have enough money that I don’t have to worry or count pennies just to afford my basic needs plus some indulgences that add to my quality of life.

You get the idea. Allow yourself to really feel it. Then do something about it.

That’s how I decided to quit driving to an office to work for someone else in a job that drained and constricted me, and instead, started my own location-independent business.

That’s why we make do with one family car.

It’s why I don’t spend money unnecessarily on clothes, or furniture, or a bigger house, or the newest technology, or any other item that doesn’t really matter to me.

That’s why, even when days are tough and I feel inadequate and want to give up on the self-employment path that requires such vulnerability and courage at times, I don’t apply for a job that would provide me with a regular pay cheque but also tie me down.

The process has been taking place gradually over the years. No, I’m not living that exact wish yet. Not fully anyways. Although much of it does already exist in the present if I stop to notice.

And perhaps that’s the real power. If you look at the essence of what it is you desire, it is available to you in the present.

It doesn’t matter how outrageous or seemingly impossible your wish is. At the core, if you answered from that all knowing inner voice (versus the ego who is concerned about keeping up appearances), there is a deep truth in what you desire.

So dig deeper if you have to – and figure out how to be more TRUE.

In my example, it’s really about experiencing a slower-paced & lower-pressure life, noticing beauty, feeling love & belonging, having empty gaps of time to enjoy simple pleasures, meaning & purpose, freedom & independence, etc. All doable – today.

I’m in the process of creating my preferred lifestyle. And you have your own version to create.

So tell me, what do you wish?

Believe that your answers are TRUE and possible & that you are worthy and capable of creating such an ideal life.

Risk not fitting in (aka conforming to an ideal other than your own). Focus on creating the feeling of belonging in your own life. Trust yourself. Ask for help.

Be Brave, Be Seen, Be True.