Introvert Pride: Welcome to Wise Introvert

Introvert Pride is what it’s all about here.

Introvert pride – Authentic Success

As an introvert, I know how challenging it can be to feel proud of who we are and how we do things. That’s because we are often misunderstood. And we criticize ourselves, believing that we don’t quite measure up to what society seems to value. 

We need plenty of alone time to survive (which makes balancing all of life’s demands a challenge sometimes). And our natural talents often go unnoticed because we don’t usually seek to be the center of attention. Much of the time we’re more than happy to work quietly and without interruption behind the scenes. Read more about introversion on the Myers Briggs site.

If you are an introvert who has been known to let your thoughts get the best of you (you sure know how to talk yourself out of stepping out of your comfort zone) and are unsure how valuable your natural skills really are, the information on this site is for you.

Introverts have extremely valuable skills to share. We can step into the spotlight when we want to and be quite successful there. We can create a happy and prosperous life.

And no, we don’t have to fake being an extravert to succeed. We can do it our way. From the inside out.

So all my fellow introverts, stay in touch and join me in sharing our introvert pride. Because, despite our preference for privacy, this journey is much gentler when we connect with kindred spirits for support and inspiration.