Feeling Stuck? Noticing Contrast Can Help You Expand

feeling stuck If you are feeling stuck, your introverted nature might need a little nudge. It might be time to think less and do more. Temporarily. Noticing the contrast between “what is” and “what you prefer” can be the foundation for expansion.

Expansion isn’t about becoming something you’re not. It’s about becoming a more confident and happy you.

Sometimes our comfort zone becomes stagnant and stifling rather than being a healthy refuge to refuel our energy. Especially for introverts, it’s important to recognize the difference.

How can you tell if it’s time to expand? Feeling stuck can show up as:

  • boredom
  • an energy drain weighing you down
  • feeling miserable yet choosing to keep doing what you’re doing out of fear
  • frustration or criticizing yourself because you have so many ideas but you don’t seem to follow through (self-fulfilling prophecy and downward cycle for self-confidence)
  • creative juices have become foggy rather than flowing

How would you describe your “stuckness“? How does it feel to you? Take a moment to acknowledge how it shows up in your life.

OK, I know that doesn’t feel so great. So don’t sink into those feelings for long.

Instead, now I want you to think about what you prefer. What do you want more of? And if you had that, how would it feel?

Usually the feelings associated with what you prefer are positive. Energizing. So those positive feelings can become the fuel that moves you toward expansion. It’s important to identify them, embrace them, and remain aware of them as you take inspired action to expand.

Your brain is extremely powerful. And it likes to identify all the reasons why your preferred situation is absolutely selfish and impossible (add whatever other doubts come to mind). So sometimes coaching can help to keep you accountable for taking action as well as focused on the positive and the possible. It’s a beautiful thing to coach someone into expansion.

Feeling stuck? You don’t have to stay there. Notice the contrast, identify what you prefer, and make a move. Free yourself. Get help if you need it. Expand.

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