It’s Time for Introverts to Declare Enoughness

enoughnessSadly, I think a lot of introverts have learned that we are simply not good enough as we are. It’s a trap that reinforces why we should stay invisible.

Being quite confident – at times even bold – I can go for long periods of time forgetting this learned inadequacy. But every once in a while, a situation will come up that quickly and abruptly reminds me that I’m not enough.

I don’t think right. Or communicate right. Or behave right. Or join in right. Or decide right. Or play the game right. I’m simply not right. Why can’t I just be more _________?

Why do we sometimes feel that we need to show up as “better” or “different” than we are?

We go to a place in our hearts and minds where we convince ourselves that we are defective and need to be fixed somehow. Only then will we be enough to fit in – to be normal – to be able to do it all – handle it all.

It’s time to stop thinking of ourselves as anomalies that need fixing. Instead, it’s time for introverts to embrace our authenticity in every moment, every day, in every way!

It’s time to declare our enoughness!

I don’t enjoy being vulnerable. At the same time, I know that it can be helpful. Because there are countless people who feel exactly as I do. It’s important to remember that we are not alone, even though we may sometimes feel like we are.

Being vulnerable in acknowledging a straying away from authenticity creates an opportunity to get clear and act with courage – to get back in harmony with our spirit (as inspired by Maya Angelou’s wisdom).

“Within vulnerability lie the seeds of greatness.”

Try this:

  • Find examples: Remind yourself of times when you were authentic and strong (when you felt good enough as is). I know you definitely have been.
  • Know that finding a fit is an ongoing process: You don’t have to change yourself. You just need to get clear about where you belong. Find your kindred spirits and get coaching support if you need it. Your greatness is connected to finding your place.
  • Get your brave on: Go ahead and declare, “Pfft, I’m not playing that game anymore”. Instead of judging yourself, get grateful, and then get busy being seen again.

Brene Brown has stated that the best way to remedy scarcity thinking is to move, not to abundance thinking, but to enoughness.

Enoughness. It just feels so right. Feel it. Declare it. Choose it.

Can you relate???