Let Desire and Inspiration Lead You

Let Desire and Inspiration Lead YouWhat would you do if you let desire and inspiration lead you? If you followed what energized you?

I believe that those things (ideas, words, images, situations) that spark a sense of energy in you deserve attention. Because it’s a way for your true self to say, “don’t forget about me”.

One of my go-to sources of inspiration is travel.

It’s the sense of ‘newness’ and the mystery of the unknown that is deeply enticing and satisfying to me. The way that all my senses are awakened by experiencing something that I haven’t before. The way that I am challenged to see myself and ‘the other’ with fresh eyes and an open heart. It feels like a softening is created that allows my best self to flow through.

Travel matters to me – it’s an important tool to both discover and express who I am. So I have learned to trust my intuition and invest more in myself to ensure that it is ‘a given’. Now it’s a fact of life that every year I travel somewhere new.

How do I make sure that happens? Every month I automatically transfer money into a ‘trip fund’. I use a credit card with airline points to pay for everything possible throughout the year so I can reduce flight costs (the thought of debt suffocates me, so I always pay the bill in full each month). And in some cases, my travel costs can be claimed as a business expense.

Of course, this also means that I avoid spending money on other things. This is not about lack in terms of thinking, “I can’t afford it”. It’s about making conscious choices.

Will buying that second car satisfy what I truly desire at a deeper level? Will having more ‘stuff’ allow me to express my true self better?

When you know your honest answers, it’s easier to know where your investment should go.

By getting clear and creating a structure that supports what is deeply satisfying and truly expresses you, the likelihood of bailing out on yourself is reduced.

It’s a way to set yourself up for success. To invest in your self. To keep the real you alive.

Are you living in a way that is true?

Trust desire and inspiration to lead you. Then commit to yourself.