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Introverts: Fully Be and Express Your Real Self

Death is a vivid reminder to live fully – as our real self. Introverts: Fully Be and Express Your Real Self

This became very heartfelt to me after attending a memorial service recently for a woman in her late 30’s. I’m pretty introspective about life, but I still feel jolted.

As I took the long drive home, alone, so many thoughts raced through my mind. They still have a hold on me.

She was an extravert. Mourners stood elbow to elbow, filling the large Conference Centre room while multiple speakers shared stories about the significant impact she made in a wide range of settings. They spoke fondly about what a firecracker she was. About her vivacious personality. Her tangible and infectious joy for life.

I thought about what my own service might look like. Would I even want one? Who would show up? Would anyone have anything to say? Would it just feel forced – fake?

Let’s face it. As an introvert, I choose to limit my close relationships to a manageable handful. I’ve never been the life of the party or the energizer bunny on the team. Much of my value is swirling around as thoughts and ideas that never become realized.

So as I self-defeatingly went down this path of comparison, I realized there’s a lesson:

Our job in life is to fully be and express our real self.

To be more “me” every day and share it.

And this is where introversion comes back into the picture.

Too many of us still consider introversion to be “the short end of the stick”. We secretly long to be more noticeable (if only in certain situations, like career opportunities) – which seems to be so natural and easy for extraverts.

Too many of us still cling to our comfort zone to a fault – hiding what we have to share because of uncertainty, fear, comparison or self-doubt. By doing so, in the end, we’re choosing not to leave our mark on the world – as if we were never here. Invisible.

Putting your best self out there is the most generous thing you can do for the world. Hiding is not a contribution. ~ Marianne Cantwell, Be A Free Range Human

Which takes me full circle back to what I do. Because, I am my business. There’s no separation.

Be Brave. Be Seen. Be True.

Don’t wait for death to be your wake up call. Be more YOU today, and find an authentic way to SHARE all the greatness that’s within you.  What you have to offer matters. You matter. Please, let us see YOU