Freedom is Clarity Plus Inspired Action

freedom-introvertFreedom. What I mean by that is independence and self-determination. Liberation from stereotypes and the self-defined boxes that we create with our limiting mindsets and lack of confidence or self worth.

It’s up to each of us to decide what freedom looks and feels like in our life. And then, to choose it.

I’m not trying to trivialize freedom. I understand that, in the bigger global picture, most of us living in Western cultures are free. Yet we still find ways to limit ourselves, chain ourselves to a life that is so much smaller or unfulfilling than we are capable of living. That’s the level of freedom – perhaps it could be called ‘advantaged freedom’ – that I’m referring to.

What does freedom mean to you? In what ways have you been holding yourself back from living freely? How would true freedom feel to you?

In my mind, freedom can be gained through clarity plus inspired action.

So how do you create a feeling of more freedom in your life?

Get Clear: Have you ever noticed that when you’re considering buying a certain type of vehicle, all of a sudden you notice it more when you’re out and about? That’s because you got clear about what you wanted. All of a sudden, you can see it. There’s a new sense of focus that filters out the less relevant options. When possible, tap into your intuition as your guide to authentic clarity. Then choose it.

See & Believe It: You are clear about what you want so now you can see it in your mind’s eye. Continue to keep it in your awareness. And bring your heart into the matter. Imagine what it will feel like to have/be/do what you want. Believe that it is possible for you to have/be/do it. Surround yourself with ‘fans’ and spend less time with nay-sayers.

Go for it: This is the inspired action. Inspired, because you’ve got your heart and mind in the game. It’s like the Rider and the Elephant the Heaths describe in the book, Switch. Clarity has little power to create more freedom in your life if you don’t take action. Don’t wait for perfection. Take a step.

Repeat: We all know that change takes time. And we have all experienced challenges that led us to take a step back (or sideways) before we could move forward again. Stick with it. Repeat the process to continue moving forward with clarity and inspired action. Get support with accountability if you need it. Don’t let your mental chatter chain you down again.

As a coach, I’ve witnessed such a positive shift in energy when people put the freedom process into motion. So muster up your courage and commitment.

Get clear and take inspired action today. Choose freedom, you Wise Introvert!