Knowledge, Procrastination and Energy Drain

Knowledge, Procrastination and Energy Drain“Knowledge is a distraction”, according to Serena Star-Leonard in her book, How to Succeed in 12 Months (ok, I confess I was lured by the title).

I don’t have to look hard for examples in my own life, since my natural introversion is very much at home with learning and thinking – all in my search for the comfort of knowing more.

I value knowledge, wisdom, competence. And there’s always more to learn!

Here’s the thing.

Not only can knowledge be a distraction for me in many ways, the procrastination that sometimes accompanies knowledge-seeking is a serious energy drainer.

It’s all the ideas and unmade decisions that I keep carrying around in my mind, or the actions that I intend to take – someday. Knowing how precious our personal energy is, of course continuing to choose procrastination makes no sense.

In a previous issue of the Wise Introvert newsletter, Tanja Gardner, our guest contributor, shared her practical tips to help introverts manage their own personal energy.

For now, stick with me as we explore knowledge, procrastination, and energy.

I’ll be honest, it’s taken me all day to write this post. I’ve scrapped ideas. Switched topics. All the while, I’ve been weighed down by the pressure of a looming deadline, narrowing the flow that I so often enjoy when I write.

Meanwhile, I’ve been watching and/or listening to a live broadcast of a CreativeLive class…believing that it’s important to learn what’s being taught today (creating digital products). I mean, what if I miss the one key piece of information that will be my big AHA moment! That one bit of knowledge that will catapult me into an overnight success!

Yes, that’s distraction. And no, I didn’t hear the magic secret I’ll use for success.

This inclination to seek more knowledge can be a dangerous crutch.

It’s the choice to stay in a holding pattern, waiting for the time when you know enough to actually take the step toward what you want.

In life and work, it’s crippling. Not only can it drain energy, but it can drain confidence. If you don’t actually DO something, how can you gain momentum?

At some point, you have to accept that you know enough. You don’t have to know everything to be able to offer value for people or to advance in your career. In most cases, expert status is not required.

And, knowledge doesn’t mean that you have full control over the end result anyways. So it’s not a road to perfection (or a guarantee of success, if that’s what you are seeking).

Procrastination is an energy drain (for me) and knowledge-seeking is one of my favourite distractions. How about you? 

What are your “methods for distraction and procrastination”?

And how have they been impacting your energy?

Once you’re aware, you have the power to make changes.

4 thoughts on “Knowledge, Procrastination and Energy Drain”

  1. I tackle procrastination with lists – make a list, re-order to a top ten, and then work my way down. Otherwise I just keep adding to my daily list and nothing gets done. But, I have to be careful to discern what’s really important vs the daily “stuff” that can drag down my day and clutter up the calendar. Sometimes not an easy call.

  2. Marla – I SO recognise myself in your description of using knowledge to procrastinate and avoid making decisions. It’s not that I want to devalue the importance of doing a reasonable amount of research before I take action, or of allowing my thoughts to percolate and simmer if they need to.

    But eventually, I hit the point where the best way to get information is just to try something – anything – and see what happens. I’m starting to get better at recognising where that point is now, but my natural tendency is to realise it later, rather than sooner.



    1. Thanks for your comment Tanja. And for readers who are interested in reading wisdom and tips about energy management that I mentioned in the post, here’s the link to the Wise Introvert newsletter which includes Tanja’s helpful free offers 🙂

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