Are You A Role Model You’re Proud Of?

Are You A Role Model You're Proud Of?You may not think about it on a regular basis, but you just may be a role model for someone. If that’s the case, and someone is watching you, are you modeling your best self?

This is part of my WHY for doing the work I do. I have a teenager watching. And I want her to know, by watching me, that she has the power to create the lifestyle of her choice, to break out of the box if she chooses, and to be happy by being true to herself – to be the leader in her own life.

I can’t expect her to simply listen to my words. As a coach and mentor, I can’t expect that from you either. I need to walk the walk. And that’s my intention. As I learn each day how to be brave, be seen, be true – I model it for my daughter – and beyond.

Now it’s at this point – after a declaration so big that it scares you – that the doubts start creeping in. We convince ourselves that we can’t possibly measure up, so we give ourselves permission to hide away. As introverts, this can be a very unhealthy move.

Our reminder – Someone is watching.

I know you don’t want to teach her to hide when she can’t be perfect. None of us are perfect. We wake up in the morning, set our highest intentions, and do our best. That’s what she needs to see.

She needs to see us being kind to ourselves when we fall short. To love ourselves as much as we love her.

It’s important that we step into being the best version of ourselves. Why? Because we are being watched. And, because we are needed to bring light into the world.

Be a proud role model. If you know that there’s a special part of you that you’re hiding away somehow, what’s one action that you can take today that will start to move you one step closer to expressing your highest and truest self?

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    1. Thanks for your comment Mallie…we both know that the truth is not all rosy and perfect. So sometimes being a role model you can be proud of is about showing how to face adversity with dignity, patience and wisdom. I commend you on not only stepping up and into your truth, but for also recently sharing it more directly with your readers/clients in your blog post, Depression Lies (And Other Truths) . Much respect Mallie!

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