Don’t Let Should Overpower Satisfaction

Don't Let Should Overpower Satisfaction

Finding satisfaction requires that you stop doing what you think you should and start asking, what do I want to do?

Sitting on my private balcony in a cute rental in Isla Mujeres, Mexico with the freedom to do what I wanted to do (after all, I was travelling solo), I was surprised how many thoughts of should came into my head.

I should go to the beach.

I should snorkel.

I should explore the island.

I should take photos and get inspiration and content for the biz.

Let’s face it, none of these were bad options. They were pretty privileged choices in fact. Still, they were shoulds nonetheless. So I made a point to consciously catch myself and:

1. Re-frame: I could…go to the beach etc.

2. Get true: Do I want to right now?

Usually in that process I would allow myself to step back, relax, and let the question sit for a bit before deciding.

If the answer was YES, I want to, then I would get ready and do it.

If the answer was NO, and it usually was, I honoured that and then asked,

3. What do I want to do right now?

Don't Let Should Overpower SatisfactionIn the first few days, what I really wanted to do was keep sitting on my balcony watching, listening, reading, writing, reflecting. There were times when I decided I felt like a nap. Other times I wanted to get a quick burst of sun on the rooftop.

The truth was, as happy and excited as I was to be on the Island for the first time, I was more tired than I realized.

When I listened to my own inner voice, rather than the voice of ‘should‘, I felt satisfied. After a day or two of that, I felt content.

And then I experienced a deep surge of gratitude for my husband (who was home holding down the fort while I was gone), my freedom, my health, this beautiful place, the people who had been so kind and welcoming, and all the abundance that held me safe and in light through this experience.

That voice of should is so strong and ever-present.

For one day, make a conscious choice to be aware of it and notice what it says.

How often is it your true voice?

Say NO to shoulds and get to know yourself again. Make room for satisfaction.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Bethany. I think this is a topic most of us can relate to – it’s a matter of deciding when we’re ready to make some changes (which are sometimes difficult) so that the ‘should’s’ guide our actions less often than our more authentic self. Embrace the challenge – it’s worth it!

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